Free Art Water Color Pencil


Free Art Water Color Pencil

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  • ✔ SOFT CORE, EASY TO USE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: Creates smooth color laydown and texture for your pencil drawings and sketches. Works great for blending, shading, layering, and burnishing.
  • ✔ HIGHLY PIGMENTED: Our pre-sharpened pencils produce bright, vibrant, rich vivid color pigment saturation with a soft touch. Perfect for student, children, and artists everywhere.
  • ✔ BREAK RESISTANT: unbreakable, 3.5MM lead, thick, strong tips, long lasting that don’t break off easily when sharpening or for sketching.
  • ✔ WATERCOLOR EFFECT: Great for wet and dry techniques. They are also water soluble leads combined with water and a brush to achieve a wide variety of effects, and artist quality solubility prints.
  • ✔ PACKAGING SECURE: Wool felt wrap roll up case protects the tips from damage. Great gift for professional, amateur or beginner, even for school.


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Product Description

Do you want to enhance your adult coloring and artwork experience with this Perfectly Designed Water Color Pencil?

Upgrade Your Art Experience Now!

– Have you been wasting too much time having to SHARPEN your water color pencil?
– Is the lead breaking too easily making you change pencils constantly?
– Are you sick of having too press too hard to get color?
– Are you tired of using pencils that have no

Introducing Your Very Own Free Art Water Color Pencil to the Rescue!

– Designed to be strong, sturdy, and give you years of enjoyment
– Made of Lightweight, 3.5 inch basswood that is meant to last
– Colors are highly pigmented and bring your projects to life
– Wool felt carrying bag helps keep your investment dry and dirt free
– Comes in set of 24 different colors

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Free Art Brand to be Quality Premium Products
You are backed by Our Lifetime Warranty too!

We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!


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